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Management Consulting

Organization Development

Organization Development (OD) utilizes what we know about systems, and what we know about human behavior, to plan and manage the development of organizations into thriving, growing, healthy, organic human systems that meet the needs of all their stakeholders.

IMC is a performance consulting firm helps our client organizations achieve their performance objectives at the individual, work area or team, and organization-wide levels. Our specialized services are practically implemented. We provide professional, cost-effective counsel.

IMC OD consultants contract with clients to offer a range of services, including:

Change Management

working with departments, committees and other groups to help them plan and implement significant changes in their organizations such as work reorganization or moves and space changes.

Group Problem Solving

helping a group identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.

Talent Management

helping managers assess their department’s workforce so that the right people are in the right roles with the right set of skills at the right time.

Organizational Planning

Analyzes the demographics of the workforce and implements tools to assist managers in transferring knowledge of key individuals.

Emotional Intelligence

All leaders need to have a high “EQ.” We provide instruments that measure emotional intelligence to identify the current competencies and areas for growth, and the coaching to support that growth.

Facilitation and Group Meeting Design

Sometimes people in organizations are too close to the questions to find the answers. We are Working with clients to help them plan an agenda, stay with the agenda, and discuss issues effectively.

Team Development

helping a team to develop its ability to work more effectively together.

Business Process Redesign

working with a group to analyze the current way of doing a specific piece of work to determine whether there is a better way to design how the work gets done.

Customized Training

working with a group to develop or renew knowledge, skill or values relative to a group goal.

OD is a Step-by-step Process


Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise Strategy is about achieving business goals by maximizing value from your technology investments in order to release revolution – for your organization, your employees and your customers.

  • Innovate: Enable new business models, products and services.
  • Develop: Drive competitive differentiation to expand your revenue.
  • Restructure: Optimize the effectiveness of your business operations and increase productivity.
  • Accelerate: Go to market faster and more effectively.
  • Implement: Deliver an exceptional experience from end to end.

Projects Management

IMC Assign Project Management team for (client’s Project) then prepare the project plan, project resources, project financing plan, projects time plan, project goals, supervising the progress of the project, preparing project progress reports, Risk Management Reports, then controlling & monitoring the project, then closing the project with the agreement of both parties (project implementer and Project Owner)

We can be only as project management consultants, that means we only assign consultants for the project to provide recommendations for the project plan and project implementation to improve the project goals and targets (in this case the client must have the project team and will be responsible about the project results)

Business Development

In this type of services IMC are responsible either to develop the business and performance of the client company in general, like increase the profits, extending the products lists, saving costs and others, or develop any future project concept  for the client which lead to more successful, profitable, attractive projects to local or international markets

In this type of services, we will make business analysis for the case of the clients and provide recommendations to develop the business and in case the client accept our recommendations, we can share the responsibilities with the client to implement the development plans