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Power and Renewable Energy Consulting
Renewable energy technologies utilizing natural resources range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity, to biomass and biofuels. Globally, renewable’s contribution to primary energy production remains fairly small; about 13% of primary energy comes from renewables, with most of this coming from traditional biomass such as wood-burning. IMC recognizes that the technical potential for renewable energy is much greater and we’re involved in many exciting projects to further encourage its use.

Just five years ago, renewable technologies were “on the horizon.” The market was skeptical of the impact they would achieve and experts suggested it would be confined to electricity generation and transportation fuels.

Today, renewables are changing the energy mix in deeper and broader ways than many foresaw. Our renewable energy consultants can help you position your business for success in rapidly changing times, exploit opportunities as they arise and manage risks from competitor tech and innovation.

Projects range from wind farms, biomass and groundwater solutions to geothermal, solar and tidal options. Within each of these categories our capabilities, experience and track record are extensive. Our contribution ranges from helping national governments devise strategies for renewable energy exploitation to project managing delivery of biomass power stations. Renewable energy – technologies for generating electricity and heat using wind, sun, biomass, hydropower or geothermal energy have become an integral part of energy policies in numerous countries. Worldwide, the renewable energy industry generates billions of Euros in turnover.

With regard to climate and resource policies, further development of renewable energy markets will be enforced on a national and international scale. Especially emerging countries experiencing increasing economic growth and energy demands will be seeking to benefit from renewables and reduce their dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Investors in renewable energies come from diverse backgrounds: project developers, energy suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, private equity funds, private investors, and the public sector as well as water suppliers.

Our international expertise and comprehensive market knowledge for your project
whether in a national or international context, IMC always adapts to the specific needs of each client when providing renewable energy consulting services. Our goal is always the successful realization of a project or transaction.

Our interdisciplinary business model coupled with our international expertise in the field of Renewable Energies assures our clients unparalleled added value.

Companies involved in the generation of energy face numerous challenges, including slow growth in mature power generation markets, barriers to entry (both low and high), excess and idled plant capacity, reliance on supportive government policy incentives, global commoditization and economic natural gas alternatives, development of innovative technologies and entrance into new markets. IMC Consulting Clean Energy team provides a wide array of advisory services that address the strategic, financial, operational, technical, reputational, regulatory and capital needs of companies involved in clean energy generation — particularly solar, wind and biomass, among other emerging low-carbon clean technologies, including energy storage. We provide a one-stop solution to the needs of clean energy companies, their investors and other parties of interest.

We cover all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects. We bring world class expertise in the latest generation technologies – wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, and waste to energy. We assist government agencies and provide advice to companies seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable assets.